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Version: 0.3


Welcome, to the Aries JavaScript community!

There's no way around it. Working with self-sovereign identity can be difficult. Luckily this documentation's main goal is to make it easy for you. Whether you have a lot of experience building with Aries or non-Aries SSI frameworks, or have never heard of terms like Verifiable Credential, DID, or Agent. This documentation will either help you create a JavaScript based SSI solution yourself, or help you find the right resources in the community to assist you!

So what is Hyperledger Aries Framework JavaScript?

Hyperledger Aries provides a shared, reusable, interoperable tool kit designed for initiatives and solutions focused on creating, transmitting and storing verifiable digital credentials.

— Hyperledger Foundation

There are several Aries frameworks that help you build solutions using verifiable credentials. This one is written in TypeScript and is specifically well suited for Multi-Platform development as it supports Node.js and React Native. We, the community, like to view it as the most accessible framework mostly because it is written in TypeScript, and our maintainers and contributors work to keep developer user experience a top priority.

These docs are not just for the main framework, but also all that surround it. So you'll find general explanations about the concepts used, specific tutorials for common use cases and relevant projects and related repositories. Most of all you'll find solid documentation with lots of code examples and an enthousiastic community that wants to build great stuff together.

Are you ready to get started?