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DIDs and DIDComm


DIDs, short for Decentralized identifiers, are a type of identifier that enables verifiable, decentrilized identity. A DID can refer to any subject, a person, organization, etc. DIDs are decoupled from centralized registries, identity providers and certificate authorities.

DID Documents

A DID by itself does not contain a lot of information. So in order to get some metadata we have to resolve the DID to get a DID Document. With this document we can get data such as their public key, proof mechanisms and their service endpoints. This means that we can check the validity, encrypt one-to-one messages and send it to their service endpoint.


In the previous section sending a message to their service endpoint is mentioned. This is a nice feature, but is lacking a definition of how it should work. DIDComm, we will only discuss V1 here, defines this. DIDComm is designed to be private, secure, transport-agnostic, interoperable and much more. This means that you can securely send a message from as Alice to Bob securely via bluetooth, HTTP, WebSockets, etc.

When working with the tools available inside the Aries JavaScript ecosystem, deep knowledge of DIDComm is not required.

Useful Resources