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The Aries JavaScript Ecosystem

The Aries JavaScript ecosystem includes various components that are spread across multiple repositories. In this section we'll go over what these components are and how the relate to one another.


Currently, Aries JavaScript is composed out of three separate repositories:

  1. Aries Framework JavaScript
  2. Aries Framework JavaScript Extensions
  3. Aries Mobile Agent React Native (Bifold)

Aries Framework JavaScript

Aries Framework JavaScript (AFJ) is at the core of the Aries JavaScript ecosystem. AFJ provides all the functionality related to cryptography, storage, messaging and more that is required

Contributing in the Aries JS Ecosystem

Consider attending our weekly meetings to become aware of the current development cadence.

Developer Contributions

Each project maintains its own CONTRIBUTING guidance:

Each project has a significant set of developer conventions, checklists, templates, and actions to provide guidance and boundaries for a contribution. Consider looking at previous issues and their corresponding PRs to get a sense of the latest.